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Nov. 11-11-11

Story ID:7570
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Caring Chelsea Kansas Kid
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11-11-11Veterans Day

Beside all the eleven’s
To the Vets this “day” means a lot
It’s a day to honor their Fallen buddies
A cross at every cemetery plot
Where a veteran is buried
On Hallowed ground
Where thousands of American flags
Can be found

Placed by every graveside
By those who care
An American Flag
In Vets cemeteries everywhere
All over the world
In cemeteries on far off shores
Honoring those Veterans
That have fallen during war.

Whether it’s called
Remembrance Day
Armistice Day
Or Veterans Day
It’s to honor those Veterans who died
In a foreign land
On the sea, in the air
Or some far off countryside.

Those Vets fought in
Places that were never heard of before
They fought for freedom
And Law and Order to restore.
Many wars we won
Viet Nam and Korea we blew
The one that I was in
Was World War –two

Eleven, Eleven, Eleven
This date will reappear
Not in the near future
But in one hundred years.
Those years will fly by
They’ll pass by too fast
Maybe in your future
There will be Peace at last

To our young Vets
Who are scattered everywhere
To you, our Heroes
We will keep you in our prayers.
Monte L. Manka 11-11-11