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A Fairy Tale

Story ID:7576
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Once,there was a very young boy who lived in a very poor family,his Father worked picking peaches on a peach farm,it was during the great depression and money was hard to make at best when you were a peach picker,and during the depression years it was almost impossible to make ends meet on a peach pickers income.
This young boy was of the age when children start loosing their teeth and it was the time of year when the tooth fairy was the bussiest.
The young Lad pulled his first tooth and showed it to his father,saying "look father,I have pulled my tooth!"His father replied,"My son,place that tooth under your pillow tonight and the tooth fairy shall come to visit you and maybe leave you a coin in it's place!""But My Father,said the young lad,I do not believe in the tooth fairy!"
The father was very saddened that his son did not believe in the tooth fairy but convinced his young son to place the tooth under his pillow anyway.
That night the young boy's mother,afraid that the tooth fairy was going to be too busy to visit the home took the tooth and placed a dime beneath the childs pillow not telling her husband what she had done.The father,thinking the same thing,placed a dollar under the boy's pillow after searching for the tooth and not finding it and thinking maybe the child had not left it there after all,an uncle who happened to be visiting the family went in and placed a five dollar bill beneath the pillow and his wife placed a ten dollar bill beneath it,all thinking the same thing,meanwhile the tired tooth fairy who was tired because she had visited so many homes that night rummaged around in her little tooth fairy bag and found a twenty dollar gold piece and placed it under the pillow too.
The next morning when the little boy awakened and found all the money under his pillow he finally believed in the tooth fairy and immediately placed 16 teeth under his pillow which were not actually his,but he got money for each tooth anyway (he had found an old dead cow out in the pasture and took the teeth)he (the little boy) became so rich that he was able to go to college and become a dentist,and with each tooth he pulled he he became richer,he became so rich that he bought his parents the peach farm where his father had worked and made his father the boss of all the peach pickers,the tooth fairy retired to florida with the fairy god mother and they all lived happily ever after.
the end!
aint you all so glad that this story didn't last too long? lol :)