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In the News: the Good and the Bad

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Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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As you all know by now that Ohio defeated the anti-union bill of Republican
Governor Kasich, and as a former employee of Ohio city government, I was happy
for all the government workers who would benefit from this. But Kevin Drum of
Mother Jones tempered my happiness by reminding us that the gains were largely
for the police and the firemen who get large pay checks and early retirement. Yes,
I think this should be checked in the interest of equity and keeping our cities solvent.
I read today that some cities including Harrisburg, PA went into bankruptcy- the
latter because of a failed expensive project they undertook. That sent shivers down
my back for the city workers who may well be seriously impacted by this move. So
many of us depend on the monthly PERS check as do the workers who receive Social
Social Security checks.


Most of us were happy that the 19- year-old man who pleaded guilty to stabbing a
6-month-old pit bull puppy named Diamond was recently sentenced in a Colorado
court. In November he was sentenced to 30 months' probation, and he will not be
allowed to own another animal for that time. Why should he ever be allowed to own
another one at all or at least- in my opinion, the waiting period to own should have
been much longer to help him reflect on his cruelty to Diamond. Only six months
old and Diamond already learning how cruel man can be.

He had claimed self-defense because the puppy may have nipped him playfully or
even otherwise at which time he stabbed the poor puppy repeatedly with a knife.
Imagine claiming self defense against a 6 month- old- puppy? Did he foolishly think
that all pit bulls are dangerous? I can't understand why he wasn't given a prison
sentence for this mean, dastardly act.

He will also have to pay $6,800 for restitution for the care of Diamond, who after
being released from the hospital, continues to do well with a foster family. You can
find a picture of Diamond on the internet if you like.


From the Environmental Working Group comes a message to tell our Congressional
leaders to say "No" to a Secret Farm Bill sponsored by greedy lobbyists. How sad,
that despite the tell-all confession of former super lobbyist Abramoff on 60 Minutes this
past week, it seems that the lobbyists continue to ply their shameful craft. EWG's
account deserves direct quoting:

"If we don't act now, Big Agribusiness and their powerful Congressional allies could
take action that would favor commodity-based processed food at the expense of
healthy, organic food. They're trying to write the next farm bill and plan to slip it
into law through the top-secret Super Committee process without justification, open
debate or a single vote."

I hope you are incensed about this as I am and will use their site to tell our congress
people to say no to this effort by Big Ag's lobbyists to create a new handout that
would reward the biggest farmers with a hefty handout which they don't need. As
EWG notes: "Congress should be helping people in need, not shoveling money to
mega farms."

If you agree, I hope you will either go to their site and send your message there or
let your Congresspeople know by e-mail or letter that we are Americans and nothing
should be done secretly. We don't need a secret Farm Bill-we need transparency and
concern for the little farmer for a change. Big Ag should fade away into oblivion.
Well, I can hope that one day it will happen. Big Ag is not good for us or our country.


I am much saddened by the news from the HSUS, that the street dogs in Ukraine are
being poisoned to rid the streets of them in time for the Euro 2012 soccer championships.
"Meat laced with poison is being left out for the animals to consume, resulting in their
prolonged and agonizing deaths." With a Slavic background, I am deeply ashamed
that these people are more concerned about appearances rather than the innocent
lives they are taking so cruelly.

If you are also horrified by this as well, at the HSUS internet site there is a link where
you can tell the Ukraine president that poisoning street dogs is wrong and that their
terrible suffering must stop now.


I am always deeply saddened by the bad rap given pit bulls who can be the most
gentle and loving dogs there are in the family of dog types. We fail to impugn the
cruel owners of the unfortunate ones who are brutalized and taught to be vicious.
Well this pit bull was given the 'Neighbor of the Year' Award for his wonderful actions.

When John Benton tried to leave for work in July, Titan, the family pit bull began
barking, running in circles, and blocking the door to the outside. He then ran up a
few flights of steps and ran back down to keep Benton from leaving the house. He
obviously was trying to tell him something, so he followed him up the stairs. And
there he found his wife Gloria who had suffered a brain aneurysm and fractured her
skull after falling down. The good news is that Gloria received the medical attention
she so desperately needed.

Titan's "Neighbor of the Year" award by the Vintage Pointe Neighborhoods Association
was the first ever to a canine.

And as noted by Laura Hibbard (The Huffington Post) -pit bulls don't always get a good
rap in the news. Parents of a boy who was mauled to death by two pit bulls proposed
legislation that would make it a felony to own a pit bull in the state of Texas. This bill
ignited furious debate. I could not help but think about the particulars. Who owned
these killer dogs and were they trained to inflict serious wounds? And are pit bulls the
only dogs who have ever killed anyone?

I'll go along with dog rainer Michele Crouse who told NBC "....that it's not the dog's breed,
but rather the dog's owner that determines the animals' aggression. It's all up to the
responsibility of the owner and not what dog they have."

And for last a beautiful reminder of the loving characteristics of many dogs- recently
another dog became a hero when he alerted rescuers to a puppy who was trapped in a