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Another Story About Uncle Fossill's Cousin

Story ID:7614
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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I have previously mentioned Uncle Fossill's Cousin,Buford D.Klempersnaffel,in an earlier post called "Uncle Fossill's Cousin,this post is in further reference to Cousin Buford.
I recieved word,via Uncle Fossill,that Cousin Buford was in the hospital,and Uncle Fossill wanted me to come up to podunk township up there in podunk county tennessee and drive him over to Knoxville to visit with cousin Buford.
When we arrived we found ole cousin Buford laid up in traction with a broken leg! "How in tarnation did yew brake yo're laig thar Buford!?Uncle Fossill asked.
"Hit werze a lack of planning on muh part." replied Cousin Buford,I went and got me one of them thar Harley mottie sicles and i was a ridin hit down tha highway t'other nite an i seed a couple more mottie sicles acoming down tha road toward me with real brite lites, so i figured i would ride muh mottie sicle between em an give em a little scare,wal as hit turned out twerent no nother mottie sicle atall,hit were a big ole pulp wood truck loaded with pulp wood!
So i myself asked Cousin Buford where did the lack of planning come in then?"wal",replied cousin Buford,aint no fool in his rite mind gonna PLAN on hittin a dadburned pulp wood truck fully loaded head on!
Bob Mitchum :)