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Uncle Fossill Buys A Gold Mine

Story ID:7615
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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My Uncle Fossill called me the other day really excited,He informed me that He was the proud owner of a genuine gold mine,He said that He bought it for Aunt Flossie Mae and intended to present it to her at the annual thanksgiving dinner they have up there in Podunk Township which is located in Podunk County Tennessee and almost as an after thought He invited me to attend which is somthing I do every year anyway.
Well the great day finally arrived,Uncle Fossill was all smiles and joyful and chatting with all the guests,both invited and just show up guest,which in Podunk is an expected thing because every one up there knows every one else and will casually drop by unannounced,especially if there is free food to be had.
I finally caught Uncle Fossill alone and quietly asked Him if he had told Aunt Flossie Mae about his purchasing the Gold Mine and he said SSHHH boy! (Uncle Fossill has always called Me boy) I haint a tole her jest yet!they's a coming by here in jest a secont an branging some of them thar miners with them!Satisfied with his answer I sat around and visited with all the various and sundry guest at Uncle Fossill's annual thanksgiving dinner.
About 30 minutes after I had spoken with Uncle Fossill about the gold mine a rather large white van pulled up in the yard of Uncle Fossill's little log cabin,Uncle Fossill stood up an announced that He had a huge surprize in store for every one!But before He could finish his speech a rather large crowd of people exploded from the vehicle and started making funny motions and acting like they were doing things,one was acting like he was trying to get through a glass wall while another was acting like he had an unseen dog on a leash.What tha!? said Uncle Fossill,surprized as was every one else on hand, meanwhile a gentleman walked up to the table and said in a loud voice LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! I PRESENT FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE AND ENTERTAINMENT NONE OTHER THAN THE GREATLY REKNOWNED AND INTERNATIONALY FAMOUS "COLES MIME COMPANY!
"Ah shucks Mr.Cole,I thought yew said GOLD MINE COMPANY not COLES MIME COMPANY!but no matter,y'all er as welcome here as tha rest of the guest".
After the MIME performance we all sat down to a great old fashioned Thanks Giving Dinner at my Uncle Fossill's and Aunt Flossie Mae's, who,I might add, was really pleased with the acting and the mimes
Bob Mitchum