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Romania Needs an HSUS

Story ID:7622
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various Romania
Person:Carmen Arsene
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A great piece of news from the HSUS re its accomplishments for the year 2011
in the field of animal concern. I'm sure we all had something to be grateful for
this Thanksgiving, and for those of us who care about animals, it is so good to read
what the HSUS did for them within its different agencies. Here is the list
they shared with us:

1. 27,215 pets and other animals received veterinary care or other assistance
from the Humane Society International

2. 5,878 dogs, cats, and other animals were helped by our Animal Rescue Team

3. 4,890 pets assisted by Pets for life S/N wellness clinics, owner counseling,
and more

4. 4,749 pets and other animals received free veterinary care through our
Humane Society Veterinary Medical Association

5. 1,601 wild animals helped by Humane Wildlife Services and other wildlife

6. 429 prairie dogs relocated to safety

Now the sad news from Romania. From Serbian Animals Voice comes this
heading: "Romania: The Hated Nation of the EU Who Complies With No Regulations.
The Bent and Corrupt PD-L Party Wins the Vote to Kill All Stray Dogs."

Despite months of national protest, hundreds of petitions, vote delays and false hope,
the Romanian Chamber of Deputies has pushed through the vote for mass killings.
Hundreds of thousands of strays and public shelter dogs will be killed using the most cheap,
illegal, and barbaric means.

Per this Serbian Animals Voice writer -"The collection, incarceration, and finally the
incineration of the murdered dogs is big business for many corrupt officials and the
companies they employ to do this dirty work and they just cannot let this golden
opportunity pass them by."

I thought that Romania had a chance to recover from the many years of cruelty they
suffered under former dictator Ceausescu, but it seems that they are emulating his
cruel ways in the handling of these poor stray and shelter dogs. Ceausescu tortured
and killed his people at will, and now his successors are about to kill most cruelly
thousands and thousands of innocent dogs unless there is a huge outpouring of
concern by people who care and want this carnage to cease. Though officially not
signed by the president, in some places they have already started the killing.

Carmen Arsene, the leader of the political campaign against this terrible vote, is still
urging everyone who really cares to contact key players that are listed here -this one
last time in the hope that they may reconsider and show mercy and kindness.

Here are the important players who need to hear from us if there is any chance they
will change their minds:

l. Mr. Traian Basescu, Pres. of Romania


2. Mrs. Elena Udrea, The Ministry of Reg. Dev. & Tourism


3. Mr. Augustin Zegrean, Pres. Constitutional Ct.


4. Mr. Emil Boc, Prime-minister of Romania


It took me less than 15 minutes sending these 4 e-mails telling the recipients that I
hope they will change their minds because these dogs are innocents - born because
they have no neuter/spaying policies. That's where their concerns should lie - building
low cost neuter and spay clinics and educating their people to care. I hope you will
find 15 minutes to contact them as well with your message.