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Vucko Needs Justice

Story ID:7626
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Sarajevo - Bosnia/Herzegovina
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In my many years of life abhorring the preponderance of animal cruelty- any cruelty
for that matter, I have almost never seen a picture so horrible as the picture of Vucko,
a Sarajevo dog, whose snout and part of his face was blown off by two intoxicated
Bosnian youth. I don't know how to paste his picture here, but you can find him on
the internet or at the petition site below which I hope you will sign.

Today I got a second request from Care2's petition site to spread this horror in
the hopes that his persecutors will be brought to justice and that animal welfare
will be adopted in Bosnia.

Vucko, a beautiful shepherd dog lived through an agony no dog should ever
have to face. His life in this part of the world was horribly shattered one day
when two intoxicated Bosnian youth blew a firework up in his mouth. Intoxicated
or not, these two must have had a violent, mean streak in them.

In retrospect, I wish that Vucko had died outright, but instead he wandered for days
in excruciating pain. Even maggots began to gather on his horribly wounded and
decaying face. Finally discovered by health workers who tried to help him, it was
soon realized that there was no way to reconstruct his severely damaged face, and
so he was put down.

If you want his tormentors to be brought to justice, please sign the petition at
Care2 where you will see this dear dog's brutalized face. This petition to the Federal
Ministry of Justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina asks that these two youths be hunted
down and prosecuted. I hope the people of this nation are just as angry and incensed
as are we who care and will clamor for justice for Vucko. Here is the petition site: