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Is Anything Right with the World?

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Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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I really wanted to title this post "Why I'm Ashamed of Being a Member of the
Human Race," but obviously it is too long for a title. But it indeed describes my
feelings today as I read article after article reflecting this position.

No, I don't know if living in the 21st century is better or worse than living in any
other earlier century, but I do know that it is becoming increasingly hard to justify
our actions in the present time except my disillusionment with being a member of it.

HORSES. I'll start off with the horrible news that once again some Americans are
agitating to become a land where our poor horses will be slaughtered here at
home. At least this is what someone sent me from Facebook this week. However,
I received a petition yesterday from the Doris Day League asking us to write our
legislators to sign off on HR 2966 and S.1176 -The American Horse Slaughter
Prevention Act which would prevent this from happening as well as not allowing for
the cruel slaughtering of our horses in Mexico and Canada. Obviously and hopefully,
the Face book account is in error.

Our poor horses deserve better from us. We Americans don't eat horse meat in the
US, so I can only see this as a profit- making venture of people like the hefty woman
legislator from Wyoming who has been agitating for this for a long time. She says
her people were always in the horse slaughter business. Is this is a reason for
justifying cruelty?

Horse slaughter is especially cruel due to the horse's size. If we have an overabundance
of horses, than it is due to our poor management of them. In this day and age we should
have been employing the use of contraceptives. The BLM itself is doing a poor job in
this regard and is using helicopters to run off the horses from the lands in the West-
bequeathed to them by the Horse and Burro Act of 1971. I think we had a more
compassionate Congress at that time.

NEWT GINGRICH. I can't believe that any major newspaper would endorse this man
for president, but obviously one has. He is purported to have milked our government in
his lobbyist capacity -extracting money from I believe the Housing Industry while so
many of our citizens lost their homes and are now living in poverty. If true, how could
such a man even be considered as a worthwhile candidate for the highest office in the
land? This truly astounds this political neophyte when it comes to assessing potential

But here comes something from someone who obviously knows a lot more re politics than
I. Lorelei Kelly wrote an article whose title shocked me - "Dumb by Design: Gingrich's
Lobotomy of Congress and Today's Dysfunction."

This article of hers and particularly this paragraph made me sit up and take notice.
"Every new session of Congress includes a Rules package that reflects the priorities
of the majority and determines legislative process. In January, 1995 H.R.6 wiped out
the shared system of expert knowledge and analysis inside Congress. The bill made
Congress dumb-on purpose. This action was part of the Contract with America, a
reform manifesto drafted by Gingrich (GA).......Fifteen years later, the effects of a
severely depleted institutional memory are showing up. Last August's debt ceiling
debacle is one example. Our failure to match defense dollars with today's vastly
changed global security environment is another."

If her assessment of the Contract with America is true - what a gullible nation we are.
What a gullible President and Congress we have. Isn't it about time we retired H.R.6?
Isn't it about time we exposed Gingrich for who he is?

My church lady friend who always shares the Slovak Insurance Newspapers with me
asked me about my Thanksgiving this past Sunday after liturgy. I told her it was quiet-
just the way I like it - just me, my 8 rescued cats and rescued bunny Jack. The sad part
of it was losing my 12-year-old dog Casey in July, but she and all the other dogs and cats
I've sent to God over the years are always in my heart.

So, the killing of the 100 sled dogs in British Columbia was indeed another sad, tragic
note which happened probably at the beginning of this year. Joanna Zelman wrote: "The
heinous slaughter of 100 dogs in British Columbia has revealed a "dirty secret" of the
dog sled industry according to CKNW."

While this particular cruelty was new to most of us, the treatment of sled dogs especially
in the Iditarod Races is not. We have written that this cruel race be stopped
and not supported with the dollars from American corporations, but to no avail.

In this particular case, Zeman notes that following the 2010 Olympic Games, there was
a slump in business at Outdoor Adventures Whistlers. So an employee was ordered to kill
100 dogs from a pack of 300.

What a grizzly, cruel job to take the lives of 100 dogs by shooting them and even slashing
their throats. They were dumped into a mass grave and the employee describes how one
dog whose "eye was hanging off, was still running around." One of the dogs dumped into
the grave was still alive and the employee watched as the dog tried to climb out. Small
wonder that the employee commissioned to do this dastardly deed was reportedly
compensated for experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder after the kills.

Charges of cruelty can be leveled at the company if the dogs didn't die instantly. But
imagine it is actually legal here to shoot an animal if he/she dies instantly. The SPCA
plans to dig up the mass grave to determine if there is evidence for a criminal investigation.
I pray God there is. In my opinion and the opinion of other compassionate people, there
is no excuse for this brutality, and these dogs need justice.

Zelman sums up this sad event very succinctly and thoughtfully: "These 100 dogs were
used for human entertainment, and were then murdered when humans were no longer
entertained by them. While this story is horrific, similar events happen regularly- many
race horses are slaughtered once past their prime, and up to 4 million pets are killed in
shelters each year, often due to bored or unprepared owners abandoning them.

As for the inhumane slaughter of these dogs, farm animals are frequently tortured and
killed for human consumption. The murder of these 100 dogs is not unique, and animal
slaughter is often performed in the name of human interests."

She finishes her excellent article with the question "What do you think? Is it okay to
use and then dispose of animals for human sport or consumption?"

Sadly, to this question, one only has to look at our lifestyles. What was the centerpiece
of your Thanksgiving dinner - Was it turkey or Tofurky? Have you ever thrown out a
dog, kitty, bunny or other companion animal because all of a sudden he/she has become
too much work - a nuisance, or a responsibility you no longer want? Did you buy your
"pet" from a pet store because you want a certain breed -even knowing that these
stores use puppy mill animals? Did you relinquish your old or unwanted horse to auction
for the meat men to snap up for killing? The questions can go on and on regarding what
should be our concern for all of animal life. But looking at the larger picture, I'm sorry
to say, that many of us probably fail in compassionate treatment of them.

And less you think people like me only care about animal life - this sad caption caught
my eye this week: "Black Friday: Target Shoppers Step Over Walter Vance as He
Collapses, dies."

Walter Vance collapsed while shopping at a Target store in West Virginia on Black
Friday. This 61- year- old pharmacist who reportedly suffered from a prior heart
condition, later died in the hospital.

It was reported that some shoppers actually ignored his prone body and walked over
him as they continued to shop. Friends and co-workers expressed outrage over the
way he was treated. Sue Compton -Vance's co-worker asked "Where is the good
Samaritan side of people? How could you not notice someone was in trouble? I just
don't understand if people didn't help what their reason was, other than greed because
of a sale."

Sadly, somehow even though this terrible neglect by these people surprised me, in
reality it shouldn't have. If you look around the world today and read the accounts
of cruelty- especially to animals, we shouldn't be surprised at all. I have always believed
that if we start with treating the animals with kindness, we are more than likely to treat
fellow human beings the same way. Obviously, we have a long way to go. Obviously too,
I am ashamed of being part of the human race. Am I any better? I don't know, but I
truly hope so, dear God.