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Stages of life (in our house)

Story ID:7636
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:HEMET CA. USA
Person:Older Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Stages of life (in our house)

Stages of life (in our house)

Stages of Life
(In Our House)

The Cane—

When we grew older
And were unsteady on our feet
The assistance of a cane
Just couldn’t be beat

When walking from place to place
Becomes quite a pain
You have a steadier feeling
When you use your cane.

The Creeper

The creeper is the next stage
Especially after your “new hip”
You’re still walking upright and
Void of an unnecessary slip

This creeper is truly
A simple, but great invention
One you don’t leave the home without
To help keep you in a standing position.

The Shopper

The shopper with its basket
Can’t be beat
If you tire while shopping
You can rest on its seat.

On each hand hold
A lever to apply the brake
If you get caught going down an incline
And your stability is at stake.

The Wheeler

The Wheeler-the last mode of transportation
And the Cane, Creeper, Shopper no longer will work
You can rest and relax and ride in luxury
It’s just an additional “perk.”


On the seat of the wheelchair
A “Grabber” to get things that I seek
I don’t have to leave the sofa
To retrieve things to far for me to reach

The T V remote, the tables light remote
The daily news
That is the story of
The different things we have to use,

To make our life more enjoyable
To keep up with the latest news
With water bottle handy
And sacks of “Doritos” chews.

Growing older
The setting’s cast
As we recall the things
Of times past

And smile to ourselves
When some special memory we recall
About some time when we were younger
Way before we hit the wall
Monte L. Manka 11-29-11