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The Rocking Chair Stage

Story ID:7641
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Rocking Chelsea Kansas Kid
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The Rocking Chair Stage

The Rocking Chair Stage

“I saw an old mother
With silvery hair.
Rocking alone in an
Old rocking chair.

I think of angels
As I see her there.
Rocking alone in an
Old rocking chair.”

These are the words of an old refrain
I heard when I was a kid
If you think it made an impression on me
You’d be right, It did.

I could picture my mother
With silver gray hair
Resting at night
In her rocking chair.

One line “I think of angels”
Related to my mother, in my mind
After a busy day
She’d be rocking as it helped her unwind.

As an octogenarian
With silver gray hair
After those four stages
The fifth is my rocking chair.

From the cane to the creeper
Shopper to the wheeler, lined up there
I end up my day
In “my old rocking chair”

Since I am a male
The lyrics won’t fit me
The words were written for a lady
This haunting melody.

The person who wrote it
“The Old Rocking Chair”
The words and singing
With tender loving care

Has haunted me for years
The words take me back there
Where as a kid again see my mother
Sewing and rocking in her old rocking chair.

The sound of that Mom’s rocker
Made a funny little squeak
When the squeaking stopped
We knew Mom was asleep.

So I will carry on the family tradition
With the words of this song and a prayer
As long as I’m able
I’ll be rocking my “Old rocking Chair”
Monte L. Manka 11-30-11