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There's Nowhere to Hide

Story ID:7645
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell Idaho USA
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Summerís temperatures in Idaho often climb well above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit
(38F). A walk in the sun compares to working in a steel mill. With the low humidity, shade
provides a welcome relief. Itís much different than in the south, where the humidity is high.
Shade doesnít help in the humidity. Thereís no place to escape summerís wrath. Thereís no place
to hide.

High humidity reminds me of lifeís trials. Thereís no escape. My job is in danger. Like
the humidity, I canít escape the inevitable. I wait and sweat. Will it end tomorrow? No one

I have been through tough financial times. Bill collectors never stopped calling. My
phone rang unanswered. I didnít want to hear from them. I was afraid, hid in the shade and
sweated with anxiety. There was no escape. They always found me.

There is no place to hide from the heat of life. Even in the closet, with the door closed,
the lights off and my head covered with a blanket, life will find me.

I donít try to hide anymore. I donít fight the currents. Instead, I go with the flow. Like a
kayaker, I let the currents take me. I paddle enough to maintain control. In time, the rough
waters will subside. Iíll paddle on smooth waters again.

At this time, with my job in jeopardy, I donít hide. Iím looking for work within this
company and others. The waterís rough. I paddle hard, because thereís nowhere to hide.

Michael T. Smith