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yet more controversy stirred up by my post

Story ID:7663
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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well,it seems that once again I have fluffed some feathers by what I have posted here on our echo,I am referencing the post about our current President Mr.Obama.I feel that if I do not like our current president or ANY president I should be able to say so without recrimination,this is after all America and we do have a thing called free speech.I too served in the military,I served for 14 years and if I do not like a president I shall say so,if I do not like a presidential administration I shall say so.If I want to write a funny verse or derogatory comment about a u.s.president I shall do so,and if not here then I will find another venue.This is America and not Russia or the middle east and every one is entitled to their own opinnion no matter what that may be.I read what others post and if I happen to dislike it then I keep my opinnion to my self or I write another story to explain why I did not like it Mr.Obama may or may not be a good president,that is for history to decide,I for one do not like him,I think he has made a lot of bad decisions,I think he was wrong in bailing out the Banking Industry with money that can not be accounted for,I think He was wrong in paying off the top executives of the auto industry with tax payer money and I think he has wound down the war in Iraq and Afghanistan purely as a publicity stunt to get more votes. I also think the wars could have ended a lot sooner if the election were not forth coming,this would have saved a lot more lives instead of letting it run on untill the election time primaries. I dont like Newt Gingrich either,in my opinnion Newt Gingrich would make a terrible president.I do not think Mr.Obama has kept even one promise that he made to the American people when He was running for the office of president and I think the U.S.Congress has lost touch with the American People.Here again,this is just one mans opinnion.
Bob Mitchum