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Learn To Speak Amazoni 2

Story ID:7683
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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Today we'll learn about endings why I add hyphens and some grammar examples that literally made my head spin.

"er"=oot "ing"=ee
"ed"=ed "s"=just add "s"

The "ly" ending doesn't exist until I invent "ly" words.

As I was reading my old stories I noticed that I have the word "tahna" or leader and I thought hmmm, I've since invented the "oot" for "er" ending now should I change the word leader to include the "er" ending. I love the word "tahna" and that's the only established high rank so I decided to invent an exception rule. When it comes to rank of leader, no such animal as the "er" "oot" ending.

Hyphens are cool. They look fancy in names and in some vocabulary words, they contribute to Ohna's speech quirk pronouncing certain Trader words. The evil Amazoni villain in #25 owned the name Coochax-oot. Coochax means "dream" so adding the "er" ending of "oot" her name is Dreamer.

I've inadvertently used two words with the same word "et"("fear" and "are")The distinguishing feature is capitalization and a hyphen. For example the sentence "I have fear." you'd say Hoashk coh Et. It's capitalized because it's word on it's own and needed some form of distinguishing feature. If the word "fear" is used as part of a proper name you'd of course capitalize "Et", If you're describing someone as fearless you'd say "et-esh". The hyphen is the give away.

Now the word for "are" which is "et" is never capitalized in the middle of a sentence. However if you're asking a question you'd use "Ett". Sounds a little French though I think they add "e" on the end. Thank you French language influence!

you(singular or plural)are=yahtoo/yahtoos et
We are=weeshgah et
they are=thruck et
who are you?=wah-n et yahtoo?
Are you?=Ett?

Most of this grammar will never appear in any story but boy just inventing it is exercise. I sure need a nap! Stars indicate words used in stories.


Are you my friend?=Ett yahtoo mayjoe weekahnsah?
Are you(plural)my friend?=Ett yahtoos mayjoe weekahnsah?
We are friends=*Weeshgah et weekahnsahs