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Wedding at the Chelsea Church

Story ID:7688
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet Calif. USA
Person:Picture takin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Wedding at the Chelsea Church

In 1947 or 1948
A friend wanted to be wed
At the Chelsea Church
To me she said

What do I do to get married
At the Chelsea Church?
I told her I
Would do some research.

We got permission
We had the game plan
There were probably twenty people
Including the preacher man

I was appointed as the photographer
With my split 35, camera “Mercury two”
That I kept in my “35” Plymouth coupe
Recording the wedding was all I had to do.

The night was cold and when
I got my camera out of my trunk
When I advanced the film
I heard a thunk

I had purchased many flashbulbs
To make pictures for their album
I took many during the ceremony
But I did something dumb

Unknown to me
The film had come apart
I took dozens of pictures
I got no pictures-broke my heart

Also the bride and groom
Haven’t heard from them since
Don’t know where they are
The air was rather tense

I have no record
Of that wedding in the Chelsea Church
I definitely left
That bride and groom in the lurch.

My memory fails me
I don’t even remember their names
I think back and realize
This was such a shame

Many years later I entered the church,
Some farmer was using it as a barn
Hay stacked all over the floor
Like they didn’t give a darn

Those many church benches
Were pushed against the wall
To make room for more hay
Sad day as I recall.

This is a story so true
I have no record to show
For the 1948 wedding at the Chelsea Church
To prove this, doncha know.

In the year 2011
It doesn’t really matter
That grand old church
Is under forty feet of water.

Monte L. Manka-12-13-11