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The Need for Humane Education

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Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
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I got a big not so pleasant surprise after my crashed computer was returned to me. There
were over 6,000 e-mails in my e-mail inbox on Outlook Express. Every deleted e-mail, sent
e-mails and those in my inbox were now ALL in the Inbox. I knew for a certainty that I had
deleted many of them through the years, but here they were all again. Well, Sorin, my
computer friend and helper showed me how I could delete most of them permanently.

But first I decided a quick perusal of them was in order -which of course would still take
days. But I'm glad I did take the time to do this. I am now down to 600 from 6,000 but
among those 600 I found some which I'm glad I reread.

The three which caught my attention today were of an insensitive golfer clubbing a fox
nearly to death, two very cruel youth wantonly torturing 2 cows and a bull, and the third -
asking how we can prevent animal abuse.

The first one which caught my attention was -GOLFER BEATS A FOX AT THE PETERCULTER
GOLF CLUB IN SCOTLAND. (09/14/10) The article relates how 55 year-old Donald Forbes
beat a fox nearly to death in 2010 with a golf club. His/her crime? Searching for a biscuit
among his possessions. This was a tame fox who many of the golfers considered a "popular"
fixture at the club, and they would often feed him. So, it was unfortunate that this little fox
went to the WRONG gear searching for a biscuit. When discovered, Forbes became
ballistic and began beating him relentlessly with his golf club.

Hearing the pitiful and agonizing screams of this little defenseless fox, a group of golfers came
upon this horrendous scene. The poor little fox was suffering so much that the only thing
one golfer decided to do was to put him out of his misery.

Although many outraged animal lovers and activists as well as the members of the Aberdeen
Club asked the Peterculter Golf Club to ban this unsavory character ffrom the green for life, the
club chose not to acceed to popular demand.

There was a petition at Care2 asking us to sign it asking the Club to permanently ban Forbes.
Many were of the opinion that this man should no longer be welcome at the club because of
this cruel, dastardly deed. There were also 424 comments re this account, and I'm pretty sure
that probably most agreed that this man should not be allowed to set foot in the place where
he took the life of an innocent little fox. In the end though, this little fox received a measure of
justice. Forbes was charged with animal cruelty, had to pay a fine of $1,210 and was suspended
from the club for 9 months.

The next account of cruelty - TWO TEENS CHARGED WITH ANIMAL TORTURE. In July 2011
farm owner Gary Niarhos early Monday morning found his two 2-year old pregnant heifers and a
2-year old bull named "Bubs" stabbed several times and impaled with a steel bar. One heifer was
standing with internal organs hanging outside her body. The other heifer's body was also punctured
and manure was coming out from the wound. The !,400 pound bull suffered a broken jaw, a broken
backbone, welts, and approximately 20 knife wounds.

Two 17-yer old Michigan boys allegedly used a broken steel bar to beat and kill the two pregnant
cows and the bull. The victims had been herded into a chute used for vaccination and then were
tortured by receiving repeated stabbing with knives.

The two - Nicholas Leisner and Peter Sauve were arrested for the crime and arraigned. Both had
been visiting a camp next door to the Niarhos farm. The sheriff called to investigate the torture
arrested then on charges of "vindictive behaviour" and the illegal consumption of alcohol." I'm glad
that he mentioned vindictive behaviour because these two obviously possessed a very mean streak
in order to find pleasure in torturing these innocent animals who were causing them no harm.

The two pregnant cows had to be euthanized because of their very serious injuries. Bub was
being treated for his life-threatening injurIes which included "knife wounds and a broken
backbone and jaw." However, it was determined because of the seriousness of his wounds,
he could no longer be used for breeding purposes.

I hope that each charge against them for killing and torturing an animal which is punishable
for up to a maximum of four years in prision and a $5,000 fine is met and that justice will be
done. As of December 9, 2011 the two teens have pleaded guilty to torturing/killing three
cattle on a Wilson farm last summer.

The third post which grabbed my attention is "THE ANSWER TO PREVENTING ANIMAL
ABUSE -HUMANE EDUCATION?" Please God may it be the answer we so desparately need
to halt the very many incidences of animal cruelty occuring daily. I am so tired of appealing to
the major religious bodies - particularly the Catholic and Christian churches to address this
very real compassionate need. Sadly, I have never heard anything even nearly approaching
this from any of them.

The post starts with animal cruelty coming out of Philadelphia and Baltimore. In Philadelphia a
young, female pit bull was found hanged on a playground. In Baltimore a puppy was beaten to
death, another dog pelted with stones, and still another poor dog set on fire. I could not help
but remember the cruel treatment accorded to the Blacks in the South not so long ago. It seems
now we have displaced that cruelty with another to our beloved animal friends who do us no wrong.

But I am pleased that there is a humane group in Philadelphia called - "Citizens for a No-Kill Phila-
delphia." This group believes the answer is a Humane Education Program directed to every fifth
grader who comes to John Wister Elementary School each year. I commend this goup of Philadelphia
citizens who are led by Garrett Elwood. They organized with the goal of making Philadelphia
a no-kill city by 2018. I imagine they hope that every school will incorporate a humane education
program like theirs in all of their elementary 5th grades.

This beautiful group believes that "Many incidents of animal abuse and neglect occur simply because
of ignorance. We feel that our children could make better decisions for the future if only given the
proper information on which to base their decisions." I am not as charitable as they in their reason-
ing of animal cruelty, but hopefully they are right in being so understanding of it.

Free of charge, the CNKP Humane Education Program conducts once a month teaching for the
entire school year. Claire Tillman, Program Director, will visit fifth graders at John Wister
Elementary School for the school year. Her teaching Goals include:

*The value of kindness (empathy)
* Respect for Animals
* How to properly care for animals
* The way animals behave
* The consequences of irrepsonsible behavior toward animals

Program topics include:
* How do we greet a dog
* Adopting versus buying
* Pit Bull Myths
* Animal Abuse - What is it and why do people do it? How to help.
* Shelter life - explain how animals end up in shelters and how to help.
* Spay/neuter education
* Being a responsible owner - explain all that goes into pet ownership.

I really became excited reading about this. There is more to the post re this wonderful program
which attempts to help children learn compassion to animals while in school. I realize that this
should have been given more space as it goes further in detail on how children will learn these
important lessons. I'm sure you will find it on the internet if interested.

One thing I hope to do is make copies of this CNKP program to send to as many area superintendents
that I can. I also think that Sharon Harvey of the Cleveland Animal Protective League should receive
a copy as well. Maybe together they can utilize these wonderful ideas from Philadelphia, the City of
Brotherly Love, which is extending that love to all of God's animal creation from the wonderful people
of CNKP. God bless all of them and I wish them much success. Hopefully, every city will have such
a group as this to spread compassion among all of its firfth graders as well. Once learned, these
lessons I'm sure will not soon be forgotten.