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Free Samples of Food

Story ID:7718
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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Ginny and I shopped for groceries. “Oh!” she exclaimed?


“I forgot paper towels.”

“Want me to go back and get them?” I asked.

“That’s OK. I’ll go back. You wait here.” She left me standing by the Mexican spices.
“I’ll be right back.”

I waited

An aisle over, two ladies served up sample products to the customers. I looked back in
the direction Ginny disappeared. She wasn't in sight. Free food was available. I rolled our cart in
the direction of the food - like a dog begging for dinner.

The first lady promoted crackers, but my taste buds wanted the spinach dip she served on

“Would you like to try a sample?” she asked me.

“I sure would.” I smiled.

She handed me a cracker with a generous helping of dip on it. I stuffed it in my mouth.
"This spinach dip is delicious!" I mumbled through my mouthful of food.

The lady next to her said, "Mine's better!"

My smile grew. "What do you have?"

"Pulled pork!"

"Oh!" My stomach left the spinach dip lady behind. Stomach and I rolled our cart to the
pulled pork lady. Ginny was forgotten. She'd catch up with us. "Pulled pork you say?"

She smiled. "The best! It's on sale today." She handed me a paper cup with a tiny plastic
spoon standing erect in a small sample of meat pulled from a hunk of pork and saturated in

I took the spoon in trembling fingers, lifted it to my mouth, and tasted heaven.

It was delicious. "My wife is from the south.” I said. She introduced me to pulled pork
and makes a good meal of it herself. She will love this. I'll wait for her to come back ...can I have
another sample?"

The lady and I chatted. Finally, I saw Ginny. She headed in my direction. "I should have
known! I left you by the Mexican spices and you weren't there. Where would you be? I saw the
food sample stands and knew you’d be here."

I ignored her remark. “She has pulled pork, Hun. You have to try this.” She did and loved
it. “I told you so!” I smirked.

We ended up buying a package of the pork and had it for dinner that night.

In the store that day, Ginny knew. To find someone, think of what they love and most of
the time, that’s where they’ll be. She found me near what I love. Usually, that is with her. If not,
you'll find me within a few hundred feet of her, where they serve free samples of food.

Michael T. Smith