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Uncle Fossill's Cousin Applies For A college Grant

Story ID:7738
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Not long ago,I was asked if Uncle Fossill might know how or be interested in using a home computer to read about current events,when I asked my Uncle Fossill about it He said that he personally had no use for "them dadburned infernal cone-traptions,then He said that His Cousin Buford D. Klempersnaffell had recently applied for a college grant to attend the yew-nigh-var-city of Tennessee down thar in Knoxville,He said that the last he herd of it that the dadburned interviewer had asked Cousin Buford if He (Cousin Buford) had finished school,it appears that Cousin Buford had completed at least the 2nd grade in Podunk County ailementary Skool,he then had asked Cousin Buford if he knew any math,Cousin Buford replied that Yes,he indeed knew some math whereby the interviewer had asked him for an example,Cousin Buford held up both hands and counting on his fingers replied uh..1 + ..1. uh...equals 2! well said the interviewer,I am afraid that you will need to know a bit higher math than that Mr. Klempersnaffell! Oh! said Uncle Fossills Cousin,I do know some higher math! whereby Cousin Buford held both hands above his head and again counting on his fingers said uh...1...+ uh...1..uh...equals 2!
Needless to say Cousin Buford D. Klempersnaffell was escorted off of the University of Tennessee premises promptly.
Bob Mitchum :)