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I am a King

Story ID:7752
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell ID USA
Person:Our Relationship
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I am a King

We held each other. It was another anniversary of a memory, moment or special occasion
from our past Ė the same past that brought us together. Several times a year we face these
moments. It was the weight of the past that held us below the surface and away from the life-
breath of air we needed to move on. We followed lonely roads. Our soul mates were
gone. Life was empty.

Ginny and I were alone. We didnít want to be by ourselves. There had to be love out
there waiting for us.

One day, we found each other. In an online support group for young widows and
widowers a friendship was created. This blossomed into a wonderful love and later a fantastic
marriage and partnership.

Our losses brought a lot of baggage into our marriage. Those birthdays, anniversaries and
various holidays always came with memories of another love, a love that was lost. We supported
each other. When the tears spilled from the pain, the other held on and waited for the storm to
pass. We are stronger together than we were as one.

This quote says it all and was the inspiration for writing this piece:

Everyone you meet
Comes with baggage.
Find someone who
Loves you enough
To help you unpack
Unknown Author

This beautiful quote sums up how Ginny and I helped each other heal and why we have
such a great love and respect for each other. We opened our hearts to each. Our wounds were
clear to see and feel. We didnít keep our baggage in. We shared it and together we unpacked.

I wrote a friend the other day, talking about our wives. This is a quote from the letter
I sent him.

Without their strength, we are nothing but men.
With them, we are kings

Michael T. Smith

With Ginny, I am a King

Michael T. Smith