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Uncle Fossill Flies A Kite

Story ID:7755
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Before I get into this story I think I should tell you that Uncle Fossill and Aunt Flossie Mae have been married for a very long time,and my Uncle Fossill being a peace loving sort of person, has learned how to keep peace in his home.I can say this unequivocably because,like my Uncle Fossill,I too am a married man.Uncle Fossill keeps peace in his household by doing exactly what he is supposed to do.For instance,if Aunt Flossie Mae "asks" Him to go to the woodpile and fetch a load of wood for the wood burning stove,Uncle Fossill goes out and fetches the wood ect.ect. however I did not say he didn't fuss a bit albeit under His breath of course.
Now to the story,on a recent visit to my Uncle Fossill's little log cabin up there in Podunk Township in Tennessee,I found Him out in his cow pasture below his old some what delapidated barn trying to fly a kite,I was some what surprized because in all the time that I have been aquainted with my Uncle Fossill I had never before seen him working so hard.He would run down the pasture with the kite flapping and flopping and twisting in the wind,then He would turn around and run back up the pasture with the same results,he was sweating and cussing saying "yew dadburned piece of folderol!" or "dangnabbit!"after about an hour of this and him not being able to get the kite to fly,my Aunt Flossie Mae shouted out of the kitchen window,"HEY THAR FOSSILL! YOU'NS NEED MORE TAIL!"
I was close enough to my Uncle Fossill to hear him mutter under his breath "dangnabbit woman! last nite yew tole me ta go fly a dadburned kite!
Bob Mitchum :) :)