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The Go-Devil

Story ID:7763
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Cautious Chelsea Kansas, Kid
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The Go-Devil

The Go-Devil

(Buck Rake)

Its hayin time in Chelsea
On the Manka Farm
As the summer sun is coming up
The weather is extremely warm.

This was back in the “thirties”
I was four or five
Time to put up hay
To keep the livestock alive

Through those winter months
It will be nice
To fill those hungry bellies
When there’s snow and ice.

That morning at breakfast
I heard and Ominous word
“Ves" you run the Go-Devil
I shivered when I heard

I’d listened to the travelin Preacher
Condemn the devil to Hell
I was afraid to go to the hayfield
As Uncle Ves could tell

I rode to the hayfield
On our hay rack
Drawn by Bob and Betty
I sat close to Dad’s back.

There were several neighbors
Assembled in a certain spot
Where I learned later
That was the Haystack’s plot.

I was thinking about that Go-Devil
So I stayed close to Dad
As he took the reins
I stayed mighty close, I might add

The Go Devil was a piece of the hayin
It collected the raked rows
When it was loaded
To the haystack it goes

It was only wood and Iron wheels
The Go-Devil had an iron seat
After lunch the driver
Complained about the heat.

On his backside
He learned to remove his shirt
Place it over the iron seat
So his rear end wouldn’t hurt.

As the team that pulled the Go-Devil
Gathered up the hay
The driver had to be aware
Of rattlesnakes and bees while working away

Those old Mules would pull that Go-Devil
Seemed easy to them
As the go devil gathered the hay
Right down to every last grass stem

That Go-Devil is ancient history
Makes me older that dirt
Now a bailing machine
Does all the work.
Monte L. Manka 1-24-12