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Story ID:7767
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Once upon a time,in a city much like the one you live in,there happened to live a little Girl,for lack of a better name to call her I shall call her sandie.Sandie was always in trouble,she got in trouble at school,she got in trouble at church and she got in trouble at home.When things like her mothers necklace came up broken or the clock was wound too tight or a flower pot got broken,Sandies mom would ask her "Sandie,have you been playing with my necklace? or Sandie did you wind the clock too tight?,or brake that vase?"No Momma,I didn't did it,Sandie would always reply,but because no one lived in Sandies home but sandie and her parents,and no one else was there to ask,Sandies Mom never believed her and Sandie was always made to go stand in a corner all the while tearfully proclaiming i didn't did it!,i didn't did it!.
But as such things go, one day sandie grew up and got married and moved away to another city,much like the city she had lived in before and as far as I know,she is still living there as happy as she can be.
After sandie had been gone for about 3 months,her mother decided to clean out her closet and take a few things to the local thrift store and donate them to charity,as she moved Sandie's doll house,she spied a very small door right in the darkest corner of Sandie's closet!oh! said Sandies Mom,what is that doing there!? as she was peering at the door,it slowly opened,and to the extreme discomfort of sandies Mom,a very small little man peeped out,WHA! said Sandies Mother WHO!? But she never finished her question because the tiny little Imp grinned an evil little grin and said "You must be wondering who I am,well My name is EYE DIDTENT!
Bob Mitchum :)