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Story ID:7769
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Uncle Fossill went to his Barn intending to put a shoe on his old mule,as he picked up a handfull of horse shoe nails,he inadvertently dropped one,as he reached down to retrieve the dropped nail he accidently bumped a stack of old wooden egg crates that were stacked haphazardly nearby causing the stack of crates to tumble over with a loud crash.The crash startled the Mule who began to buck and kick.One of the kicks struck an old wagon loaed with hay causing it to roll out of the barn and down the hill toward the main road where it struck a telephone pole,the pole toppled over causing a short in the electricity line which sparked to the hay.A passer by notified the Podunk Fire Department about the fire and a fire truck was dispatched to extinguish the flame,as the fire truck approached the wagon,Uncle Fossill's Mule bolted out of the barn still bucking and kicking and braying with Uncle Fossill in hot persuit yelling and screaming at the mule.The Fire Chief,thinking Uncle Fossill had gone insane,called the Podunk County Sheriff,when the Sheriff heard all the commotion over the radio,He thought that some sort of city emergency or disaster was happening and called out the Podunk Sheriff's Auxilliary,a private at the Podunk National Guard Armory who had been talking to his girl friend in Knoxville was startled when the phone went dead (because Uncle Fossill's wagon had struck the pole)and thought a bomb had exploded and notified his Commanding Officer who immediatly called out the whole National Guard Company.Meanwhile the privates Girl Friend,thinking that her boy friend had been injured by an explosion,called the Knoxville News to report some kind of explosion at the Armory in Podunk Township.The Knoxville News,deciding that the Girl was issuing some kind of threat or hoax,called the FBI and reported that an insane woman in Podunk had called in a terroistic threat against the National Guard Armory and that so far one person had been injured,the FBI in turn called the CIA and reported a bomb blast in Podunk,the CIA sent in a special ops team to free the hostages.
Meanwhile,Uncle Fossill was explaining to the Fire Chief how his wagon happened to be set a fire,the Chief called the Sheriff and reported every thing under controle,the Sheriff called off the Sheriff's Auxilliary,when the private at the National Guard Armory heard the "all clear sirene" he called His Commanding Officer to report that he had heard the " all clear signak" the Commanding Officer called the National Guard company back to the armory and then called the Knoxville news to report that the emergency was over and there had been no casualties,the Knoxville News called the FBI and reported that the National Guard had handled the emergency expertly,the FBI then called the CIA who called off the Spec Ops team.
Meanwhile every one in Podunk Township gathered up at Uncle Fossill's house and enjoyed a huge meal of roast mul...uh...roast pork
Bob Mitchum :) :)