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House on a Pile of rocks

Story ID:7777
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Shaky chelsea Kansas Kid
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House on a Pile of rocks

Who’d build a House on a Pile of Rocks???

Just west of Hemet
Off Devonshire avenue
There’s a house on a pile of rocks that
Sits high in the “blue”

I do wonder
As I pass by
Who lives in this home?
High up in the sky

I’d like to know the builder
Tell me how those heavy trucks
Got to the building site
High up on that pile of rocks?

Are the floors made of concrete?
Are they made of wood?
Materials taken to the jobsite
By the “Little Engine that Could”

I know I’m acting stupid
As I let my brain wonder
With these silly thoughts
As I sit here and ponder

The fate of this nice home
In case of a California quake
“Oh My”
How those rocks would break.

Into smaller pieces
As they crumble in a pile
Hoping the occupants
Are a far away mile.

You could feel every breeze
You would weather every Santana wind
Every “dust devil”,
This could be the end—

The House on the Pile of Rocks
Has been there many a year
Evidently the occupants
Have no fear.

I’ll just live with this mystery
As I pass by almost every day
That “House on a Pile of Rocks”
From down here on the highway.

Monte L. Manka 2-2-2012