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The Invisible Squrrill

Story ID:7782
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Not long ago,My wife and I went on a short trip out of town,we stopped in the small town of Richland Georgia for lunch.after I had finished lunch as I always finish before my wife,I went outside to sit on the restaurants porch in the shade in one of their inviting rocking chairs,I sat there contemplating the warm summer day,the slow pace of the small town and watching the various travelers as they went to and fro,all in all I was having the time of my life as i sat and puffed on my after luch cigarette,i had sat there possibly 10 minutes when I began to hear what I percieved to be a very lively squrill running across the metal roof of the restaurant,it would first run one way and then after a short pause it would run back the other way blumpity blumpity blump blump it would back and forth.As i sat there listening to it I thought that it was an odd way for a squrill to act blimpity blumpity blump blump the squrill went across again,I got up from my comfortable chair and walked out into the nearby parking lot to see if I might catch a glimpse of that pesky squrill but was unable to see or hear anything,again I returned to my chair and no sooner than I had sat down , then there it would go again blumpity blumpity blump blump it went as it ran again and again across the metal roof.Again I walked into the parking lot to get a glimpse of the squrill that I was sure was making that sound as it ran across the roof,but again I could see no squrill in evidence! mystified I went into the restaurant and inquired of the cashier if anyone else had seen or heard that pesky squrill running across the metal roof.
Sir,she replied,thats not a squrill,the owner has a sprinkler system that sprays water on the roof automatically when the temperature of the metal roof reaches a certain degree of warmth!
Bob Mitchum :) (this is a true story)