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Uncle Fossill and the Worlds Fastest Dog Alive

Story ID:7794
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Well we all know that times are hard,and up there in Podunk Township Tennessee times are harder than they are down here in the "flat lands" the only difference is that people up there dont handle them in the same way.
My Uncle Fossill called me the other day and announced that he had come u with an idea to make a few pennies and wanted to know if I would come up to help him count all the money he intended to make,of course I was curious so I went stright way up to Tennessee and to Podunk Township where Uncle Fossill lives.
Uncle Fossill had posted signs all over Podunk that he had aquried the FASTEST DOG IN THE WORLD and that for a dime people of Podunk could witness a demonstartion on Saturday.
When the great day of the show came along Uncle Fossill took his old hound dog Flop out into the yard and tied him to the old barn,people began arriving early and Aunt Flossie Mae was selling tater sandwiches and sweet poke berry tea.Uncle Fossill was standing out by Old Flop telling every one that they were about to witness the miricle of the century,and all this just for 10 cents,uncle fossill had me walk around the crowd with a tin lard bucket and people were dropping dimes in like there were no tomorrow and I had to make several trips to uncle fossill's log cabin to get more lard buckets.
Uncle Fossill slowly untied Old Flop,and told every one to keep a sharp eye out cause old flop was really fast! he said old flop was gonna run all the way to podunk and back and then stand right be side him where he's a standing now when I give the word! without further ado uncle fossill looked at old flop and said ina loud voice GO! people looked at old flop but he didn't move,uncle fossill said and ther ya have it folks! the fastest dog done gone and come back so fast ya didn't see him move atall did ya? every one admitted they had not seen him move but were satisfied that he had had to move really fast.every one had a good time and left satisfied that they had seen a miracle!
Bob Mitchum :)