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Remember the Lord in Your Everyday Braying

Story ID:780
Written by:Kathe M. Campbell (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Butte Mt. USA
Person:Champion Mammoth Donkeys
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Remember the Lord in Your Everyday Braying

Remember the Lord in Your Everyday Braying

Remember the Lord in Your Everyday Braying

"Remember the Lord in Your Everyday Braying!"

by Kathe Campbell

Thereís another hike in the price of hay,

My donkey said to his friend one day.

Apples and carrots are also sky-high,

With turnips ní wheat, barley and rye.

Canít help but notice my masterís sad eyes,

As the cost of my livery continues to rise.

He loses his cool more than ever before,

And this hurts me right down to the core.

When I go left, he pulls to the right,

No doubt he thinks Iím not very bright.

He mixes "giddap" with expressions of "ho,"

I never know whether to stop or to go.

At times Iím tempted to run straight away,

Iím torn by drives of to go or to stay.

I pray for the strength to bravely endure,

The things in my life I know I canít cure.

But grit and patience sees me through,

For man forgets he has a master too.

Though he may think me of little worth,

I carried his master to a place of birth.

Oh to pick up my ears and walk with pride,

While carrying the Lord on his last ride.

Scorned and thorned and tied to a tree,

Stay-thirsting and forgiving-even as he.

I recall my mom and the lessons she gave,

Traditional directions on how to behave.

She often quoted an old donkey saying,

"Remember the Lord in your everyday braying!"

(Published in various Donkey and Mule periodicals.)

* My Hall of Fame Champs, Sam - Storm - Sweet Pea