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Uncle Fossill Gets His Cousin To Paint His Fence

Story ID:7802
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Now I have mentioned Uncle Fossill's Cousin Buford D.Klempersnaffell in other stories,and I suppose that this story is more about him than it is Uncle Fossill.It seems that Cousin Buford had temporarilly been laid off from his job down at the local fertilizer plant and came by Uncle fossills house to see if he had any odd jobs for him to do to take up the slack as Buford had rather a large family to feed,(at last count it was 13 kids with twins on the way)so naturly he would need a lot of work to feed them.I t was a hot July day and Uncle Fossill was out in the front yard counting leaves on his huge oak tree as Uncle Fossill thought that a body should not just sit around doing nothing even if it was hot and even if he was taking a break from watching the grass grow in his front yard.
Anyway,Uncle Fossill told Cousin Buford that if'n he really needed the work that he could paint the split rail fence down on the lower 40 and he could come to dinner at 12 if'n he could spare the time from painting it.
So when 12 o'clock came and no Buford,Aunt Flossie Mae held dinner up for an hour,when it became 1 o'clock and cousin Buford was still absent from the dinner table she sent Uncle Fossill down to fetch him.Uncle Fossill found Cousin Buford passed out under a large shade tree with paint brush in hand and wearing a rather large fur lines parka,underneath the parker was a wool navy pea coat,Uncle Fossill said to Cousin Buford "What in Tarnation are yew a wearin them thar coats fer in tha dadburned summer time heat Cuz?" wal,replied Cousin Buford,"didn't yew tell me that that thar fence would look better when i painted it if'n i put on 2 coats Fossill?"
Bob Mitchum :)