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Uncle Fossill And The Englishman

Story ID:7803
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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One fine spring day Uncle Fossill was out in His front yard looking around to see what he needed to get done when he noticed a fine automobile coming up the main road,being a friendly person,uncle fossill raised his hand in a friendly greeting.The automobile belonged to one Sir Ian De Bourgeose-Smythe,an Englishman that was touring America on vacation.
Sir Ian asked his chaffeur to stop as He would very much like to engage in a conversation with a genuine hill william.The car came to a stop by the road and Uncle Fossill ambled on down there as the driver was waving and they seemed to want somthing.As he approached the car Sir Ian exited it and said to Uncle Fossill "How DO You Do,my fine fellow? Uncle Fossill replied "How dew I dew Whut? uh..said the Englishman taken aback a bit,uh well sir,myself and my chaffeur require lodging and food for the night,might you direct us towards the nearest hostel so that I might procure such fare?uh..uh..replied Uncle Fossill,naw,ah don kno nuthin bout no dadburned fair aroun these here parts,an thet thar driver aint got no fur on nor is he mucha a show neither,i dont thank yew an he have a chance o gettin in a show no whar! uh..well thank you kind sir,we shall forthwith depart the premises,with that they drove off,as they drove down the road toward Podunk Township,Sir Ian asked his chaffeur if he had understood a single word that the Mountain William had said.
Meanwhile Uncle Fossill was scratching his head in a perplexed manner and wondering what kind of language thet thar furriner had been speaking.
Bob Mitchum :)