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Leap for New Opportunities

Story ID:7806
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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Leap for New Opportunities

Callie, the little kitten we rescued from the brush, walked across the back of our sofa
and looked anxiously at me. Her eyes were wide with anticipation. I slipped my hand under the
blanket we use for naps. My fingers wiggled under the soft cloth. Callie prepared herself. Her
furry bottom twitched. Callie swished her tail back and forth, as she focused on the moving
blanket. I watched carefully, ready for her attack..

Callie twitched her rear end one last time, leapt into the air and with her paws spread like
the wings of a bird, landed on the scary moving blanket. Armed with sharp claws and teeth, she
fearlessly attacked the ferocious moving cloth. She sank her dagger sharp teeth and claws into
fabric and shook her head to make sure she made the kill.

The blanket was not ready to give up. My hand, slightly protected by the blanket, fought
back. Callie tumbled to the left, got a new grip on the evil blanket and was thrown to the right,
where she landed on her back, but continued to do battle. The fight seemed to be over, but Callie
did not give up. She withdrew her claws, ran to the end of the sofa and planned a new attack.

She dropped to the floor and watched the blanket from a new angle. Her eyes followed
every movement it made. She waited for an opening in its defense and leapt on it again. She
landed hard and gripped my hidden hand with a vengeance. Her claws and teeth pierced the
fabric and my skin. I screamed and pulled my hand away.

Callie won! She always does.

I wish I had her fearlessness. Where would I be today, if I did what she does? Iíve looked
at many scary moving blankets in my life. There were a few I had the courage leap on, like
taking a new job in another city. Mostly, Iíve seen the blanket move and ran away, afraid of the

We saved Callie from a life of dumpster feeding and that little furry girl taught me a life
lesson Ė have no fear! Accept the challenge. Leap for new opportunities.

Michael T. Smith