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Home with a Range

Story ID:7813
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Wood Hauling Chelsea Kasnsas Kid
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Home with a Range

Home with a Range

Home with a Range

I remember that old “wood Stove”
The pies and cakes and rolls that came out of the oven
The fried eggs and potatoes and gravy
That was frying just above them

Strips of bacon and pork chops
Frying in that cast iron frying pan
Mom cooked a hearty breakfast
For Dad, I, Leslie and the hired man

Kept the stove top hot
To keep those flatirons heated
Mom used for pressing out the wrinkles
In our shirts and pants that were pleated

The reservoir for warm bath water
For the rub-a-dub
For Leslie and I to take a bath
In a Number three wash tub

The reservoir
Seemed always to be near empty
Keeping it filled
Was left up to me.

I have taken out the ashes
Still holding lotsa heat
Spread them on the dirt
Careful to keep them off my bare feet

On my return to the kitchen
I took in a load of kindling wood
To keep the fire burning
This was understood.

Canning fruit and veggies
Also making soap
Canning jams and Jellies
To spread on fresh baked bread, I hope.

That faithful old Home Comfort stove
Served our family for many years
I saw one at “Millies” restaurant today
Just standing there,

In all her antique beauty
I stared at her with love
Took me back to when I was carrying kindling wood
For our old “Home Comfort” stove

That old “Home Comfort” wood burning range
Was replaced, what a shame
With a Propane burning stove
Cooking was never the same.

Monte L. Manka 22-14-12