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My St. Patrick's Embarrassing Moment

Story ID:7822
Written by:Julie Grassley (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Youngstown Ohio USA
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Really, I can't remember the year but I'm thinking about 16 years ago. The bar was Irish Bob's and it was St. Patrick's Day. They always got a huge crowd and the weather was cooperating so some of us spilled out onto the sidewalk, drinking our beers. The Police would drive by but I think the sidewalk was considered Irish Bob's patio (at least for St. Patrick's Day anyway).
I went to the bar by myself, which I often did and sometimes still do. This town is small and the odds are high that I will see someone I know. 6 degrees of separation doesn't work in Youngstown, it is about 1 degree of separation. I dated someone and later discover that he was my cousin, thankfully not a blood relative. I saw two of my friends there, let's call them Ron and Dan. We had been drinking for a few hours and I started to get really hungry. There was a long wait for food, no one seemed to be eating the pizza that was at the table next to us and once I get hungry I'm starving. Dan and Ron told me to just grab a slice (they may have dared me or kinda talked me into it, my memory is a little blurry). I was very apprehensive, totally not my style. I kept eyeballing that pizza and decided to go for it. Just as I took a bite this guy walks over and asked what I was doing, stealing his pizza. I could've died from embarrassment and gave the guy 5 bucks while letting him know I never do stuff like this and that I was starving, etc.
My desire to eat had left me and was replaced with a strong desire to leave. I recall Ron and Dan being rather amused at my embarrassment. Ron was on his motorcycle with prescription sunglasses and the sun was setting, I do remember that.

My inevitable next stop was Cedar's. The bar that I grew up in. I still love that place. The Cheers of Youngstown, Ohio. I may have visited other bars but by the end of the night, like some homing pigeon, I landed my ass back at Cedar's every night.

I told my Irish Bob's story to anyone who would listen, or really anyone next to me. I drank some green beer and called it a night.