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In Praise of an Animal Protective League

Story ID:7826
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Cleveland Ohio usa
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Today I was determined to make a dent in my paper clutter, but
wouldn't you know, I stopped to read a saved "Pet Patter" (Dec. 2011)
from the Cleveland Animal Protective League, and just had to
reread it. I also decided it was worth sharing. Stymied again! It
will take me years to declutter at this rate.

Rick Werner wrote this account "Partners for Life" for Pet Patter.
He tells how as a single guy he adopted his first puppy from the
CAPL in 1986. "Dudley" and he lived in Cleveland and then other
cities before coming back to settle in Cleveland again where he
met his future wife Barbara. He dscribed her as "dogless" all her
life, and thereby basically unfulfilled. I couldn't agree more. Many
of us too have finally become fulfilled when we adopted our first
puppy or dog as well. I imagine the same can be said for kittens
and cats.

They married in 1994 and moved into an old house with a fenced in
yard in Ohio City. They soon had two girls, and Dudley dutifully
and graciously put up with her "rivals"- living to the ripe old age
of 17.

She was sorely missed and so, of course, they knew they needed to
get another dog from the APL. One day they came home with Chloe, a
5- year-old mixed breed who had a remarkable resemblance to their
late beloved Dudley. She would live with them for 8 years before her
legs would not support her any more. Rick and the girls held her
and petted her as the vet put her down in June.

I loved this family for adopting an older dog. So many people either
want a puppy and/or preferably a pure breed. This family, as I too, don't
belong to this group of people. "Mutts" or a better word -Mixed Breeds
are wonderful in my opinion, and they basically have so much love to
give. I also believe that they are truly beautiful in their own right.

All my 7 dogs were of mixed breed: Peaches-Minature Collie mix;
Muffin- Shepherd/Collie mix; Tina - Chihuahua mix; Pattie-Shepherd
mix; Angel- White Shepherd mix; Shana- Chow mix; and Casey-
Samoyed mix. To me they were all so beautiful in their own inimitable
way, while exhibiting the characteristics of their mixed breed heritage.

On the subject of birth mixes - consider humans. When my parents
came to America in the early 20th century, the people were Italian,
Polish, Slovak, Russian, Hungarian, etc. Today there are few people
who can say they belong to any one particular ethnic group. Does that
make these mixed ethnic groups less desirable? I know we all know
the answer to that.

This week I was disappointed to read on Care2 that the Westminster
Dog Club has discontinued their partnership with Pedigree because
of their association with Shelter Dogs. Wow- this only confirmed my
disdain for this elitist club.

Now again, the Werners -after losing and grieving the loss of Chloe,
looked to find another adult dog from the APL. On the APL website they
saw Scooby, a 12 year-old mixed breed, and they thought she would
be right for them.

However, when arriving at the shelter, the staff told them that Scooby
who was white or tan came with her life partner, 5 year-old Bear who
was ebony black. How wonderful that the APL staff is considerate of
their animal's needs.

This posed a dilemma for Rick and the girls. Barbara gave them
permision to adopt a new dog - not a pair of dogs. However, they
asked to meet Bear and Scooby out of their cages to become acqainted,
and they were soon smitten. Now to convince Barbara that they needed
to bring them both home.

Thirty minutes later Barbara arrived at the APL and heard her
husband implore -" I know that we've never had two dogs, but
these dogs are so bonded and it would be cruel to break them up."
Outnumbered by all those rooting for this adoption- her husband,
her two kids, the volunteer family, and three or four APL staff,
Barbara gave in. Now Scooby and Bear could remain "Partners
for Life."

I couldn't leave off this happy APL Pet Patter accounting without
quickly mentioning another happy adoption of "Granny" a 11- year-
old cat. Rescued from a hoarding situation, this brown tiger cat
had not been well cared for. The APL veterinary staff had to remove
one of her eyes and several of her teeth.

Now placed in the adoption room, she would be overlooked time and
time again until that fateful day when Barbara Kornblum noticed how
one couple didn't even stop to give Granny a second look. Most didn't.
Granny had been in the adoption room for the past 3 months, but things
would soon be changing for her at last.

Thank God for people like Barbara. She went up to Granny and heard
her immediatedly begin to purr. She realized that she must have had
a rough life until then, and yet she was still so sweet.

Barbara adopted her that day and a kitten named Skyler for her daughter.
Of Granny, she reported "We're very glad we adopted her. She's one
of the sweetest cats we've ever had." And Barbara, you are one of the
sweetest people I have come to know through Pet Patter and this

Barbara belongs to that very special group of people who will adopt
the elderly, maimed, or deformed cat or dog. Sadly, they are in the
rare minority, but in my opinion they must be specially blest by God.