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How It Really Happened

Story ID:7828
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
Person:Me and Wayne
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ok,hopefully y'all have read Uncle Fossills great fishing trip,here I shall attempt to relate how that trip REALLY was.My friend Wayne and I wanted to go on a camping trip to the Chatahoochee River,a river that serves as the border between Alabama and Georgia,He,Wayne,has a boat so He decided to bring it along,There were Wayne,His Wife Barbara,My Wife JoElla and the Kids,Mike,Patrick and Matt along with my German Shepard Tasha,we arrived at the camp grounds and set up camp and decided to take the boat out and do a little fishing,in the boat was Wayne,Myself,Barbara,Joella and Mike AND Tasha the German Shepard.We trolled around for about an hour looking for good place to stop and fish but all the good places seemed to be taken,Wayne (who is a wealth of information on various subjects) explained the importance of having BOUYS in the river,apparently they mark the main channel in the river so that you dont get your boat stuck on a sand bar or run it aground.Anyway about the time he was explaining this,we spied a Bouy out in the river,one of us (i cnat remember who) suggested that we tie up to the Bouy and do a bit of fishing,Wayne agreed and we proceeded to do just that,as I was trying to tie the nylon rope to the Bouy,Wayne told me to make it tight so the boat would not drift down the river,I in my infinite wisdom,yanked the rope into a very tight knot! I was sitting in the bow of the boat as it drifted slowly back,pulling the Bouy over at an angle and there on the further side of that Bouy was the largest Red Wasp Nest I have ever seen AND it was filled with red wasp angry for being disturbed AND they all seemed to be looking right at ME! OH MY GOD WAYNE! I shouted THERES A HUGE WASPS NEST ON THE BOUY!! (I have a deep seated fear of wasps,of course I panicked I tried to place as much distance between me and that wasps nest as I could (the boat was about 6 feet long and very crowed with adults,dogs and kids plus it was anchored out in the middle of the Chatahoochee River, so there were not too meany places I could go to hide and I surely couldent run very far,those wasps were flying around and dive bombing us,Wayne was flapping somthing at them Tasha the german shepard was snapping at wasps and barking Joella was screaming,I think Barbara was the calmest of the bunch,Wayne was flapping somthing and screaming at me to CUT THE ROPE! CUT THE ROPE! somewhere in the midst of the me'le the rope got cut,I dont remember who cut it,me or Mike I guess as Wayne was in the back of the boat cranking and guidint it as far away as we could get from that Bouy and most importantly,those wasps. AS we returned to camp and were in the midst of anchoring and tying the boat and unloading our fishing gear,Matt the youngest who had been engrossed in reading a book under a tree came running up shouting hey! dont leave me,I want to go with y'll too! we all had a good laugh at Matts expense and went on to prepare the evening meal,about dusk that night,Tasha treed what I thought was a feral house cat,she went into a brush pile and I heard her whimper and she came running out and the cat went the other way,I called wayne and ask him to bring a flash light,he bought one and we along with Tasha the German Shepard proceeded to track down that feline that had scared my dog,we went into those dark woods expecting to find a scared little house cat way up in a big tree,we finally got the cat treed and wayne shined the light on it,well it was not little,it was not scared and it was not way up in that tree,it weighed probably in the neighborhood of 20 lbs. it was looking us right in the face and it was a RING TAILED CAT a species of wild cat.SOOO wayne and I and Tasha the German Shepard backed up...waayyy back AND PROCEEDED BACK TO CAMP QUICKER THAN WE HAD COME.I dont know about Wayne,but Me? well I was glancing back a lot while trying to get back to the camp fire.
Next Morning we...oh by the way,I accidently dropped my bottle of Bushmills Irish whiskey in the river some where along the way coming back from the wasps nest that day.
All in all it was a very memoriable outing and one that Wayne and talk about and laugh about to this very day.
Bob Mitchum