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The Abandoned Farmhouse

Story ID:7847
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Farmhouse Kid
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The Abandoned Farmhouse

That Abandoned Farmhouse

Have you ever seen
While on a Sunday ride
An abandoned farmhouse
Somewhere in the countryside?

What a story that old house could tell
What things were experienced there
What a tale of happiness and woe
Bet you didnít even care.

The many storms
She had gone through
Lightening rains and hail
And withstood all gale winds that blew.

That young couple
That young man and his new wife
Moved in when this house was new
To start a new life.

The rooms lit only
With lamps of kerosene
Those wooden floors were
Squeaky but clean

Swept and mopped
Every day
So the kids could
Have a clean place to run and play

Quilts on those beds
Hand made by the young wife
With cloth sheets between
With the help of that old foot pedaled
Singer sewing machine

Curtains on every window
Made from colored feed sacks
Shelf on that fireplace mantel
Covered with knick-knacks.

Dolls for the girls
Wooden cars for the boys
Handmade by Mom and Dad
For the kids Christmas toys.

Next time you see
Off to the side of the highway
An old abandoned farmhouse
Windowless, doorless with paint all gray

There once stood a proud new house
For those that passed by
The welcome mat was out
On that you could rely.
Monte L. Manka 3-1-12