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Unjust Ag Gag Legislation

Story ID:7869
Written by:Suzana Margaret Megles (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:various various usa
Person:Dennis Kucinich
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Today I am very sad that Ohio has lost a voice for the animals and people
in general. Because of the gerrymandering policies of a Republican
legislature, part of Dennis Kucinich 10th district (mine) has been absorbed
into Marcy Kaptur's 9th. Sadly she probably won the election because
of this, and as a result, the people of Ohio have lost a voice- not only for
their own needs, but for those of suffering animals as well. Dennis scored 100
per cent on the HSUS Humane Scoreboard and Marcy Kaptur scored 38 percent.

I never even had to ask Dennis to endorse compassionate legislation for the
animals. He just always did. I believe that now -writing Kaptur in behalf of
animal welfare will be a lesson in futility, as it has been in writing Republican
Senator Rob Portman who never replies to any of my e-mails in their regard.
For me he is a clone of former Senator George Voinovich who also completely
disregarded my concerns for the animals. We are both Catholic but oh so
so different in our views re God's animal creation and how they should be

Dennis also championed saving Social Security and Medicare, and I believe
some of Kaptur's stances in this regard were either weak or non-existent.
Dennis is also a man of peace. Sadly we didn't listen to him when Bush/Cheney
dragged us into a war with Iraq which caused us to lose way too may precious
lives of our soldiers as well as being a financial drain on our economy. We could
have used those billions of dollars today to pay off our national deficit debt-
but thanx to the Republican war hawks we can't.

Now I'm concerned that we have lost a powerful voice in Congress which
may have been instrumental in quashing the AG GAG laws should this become
a federal issue. Right now it belongs to the states to pass these unfair laws
should they choose. Iowa has the distinction of being the first to do so. Now
in Iowa it is a crime to whistleblow cruelty on CAFO entitites.

From Animal Legal Defense I read this chilling and frightening account which
any decent person will read with horror:

"She is nameless. Only a yellow plastic tag piercing her ear identifies her as
"5489." A dairy farm worker brutally hits her over the head with a metal pipe.
Then again, and again. She lets out a heart wrenching scream and falls to the
ground. He repeatedly kicks her in the head as she struggles to stand. She
bellows in pain, but the abuse doesn't stop."

If you do not feel anger at this totally brutal person and compassion for this
poor innocent cow or calf, than you belong to the same group of legislators
who last week passed a law in Iowa which would make it illegal to photograph
or videotape animal cruelty at agricultural facilites, and even in some cases to
possess or distribute such evidence.

I am deeply ashamed of legislators who would make it a crime to bear witness
to animal cruelty whose sole purpose is to expose and stop it. Those persons
of such moral depravity should be removed from any contact with animals.
What has happened to our sense of justice when cruelty is defended and
compassion is punished?

That short little paragraph of Animal Legal Defense pictures an occasion of
animal cruelty which people of compassion should never forget. I personally
find it increasingly hard to believe in an America where it is a crime to videotape
animal cruelty and be punished if caught, while ignoring the perpetrators of such
horrible animal cruelty -allowing them to go unpunished and continue to harm
other innocent animals.

I would cringe if I saw someone striking so cruelly my cats, bunny, and the
wonderful dogs I've had in the past. The pain is the same for me as witnessing
someone striking a poor defenseless cow, goat, horse or other animal.

I pray to God that no other state will follow Iowa in such a cruel, demeaning law
which says that farm animal suffering is of no consequence to Iowans. I also hope
and pray that the majority of Iowans will be incensed at this cruel law and lobby
for its dismissal.