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My Dependable "Model A"

Story ID:7890
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA USA
Person:Ford Lovin Chelsea Kansas Kid
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My Dependable "Model A"

My Dependable “Model A”

My first car
Was a throw away
Bought it for $20.00
From a neighbor one day

110 degrees above
Or twenty below
She’d start with a couple cranks
I never needed a tow.

In the trunk I carried pliers,
A crescent wrench and baling wire
Patches for the inner tube
Tire pump to air a flat or a low tire

Ran on white gas
One grade above Kerosene
Sloppy muddy roads
Made it hard to keep clean.

No heater, to melt the frost
Kept a scraper in the seat
A couple towels for windshield wiping
Over coat, stocking cap and gloves for heat.

Hand operated windshield wiper
To be used when it rained
Drove with one hand
On the wiper the other hand was trained


I thought I was
“King of the Road”
Chugging along at forty per
With head unbowed

On highway “thirteen”
That road of sand
Seldom saw another car
As toward El Dorado we ran

My “A” and I went on a date
My girlfriend wanted to walk
To the movies or dances
Because her friends would stand and gawk.

At my “A”
Covered with mud and dirt
Chugging along the street
Me in a suit and her in a fresh pressed skirt.

Uncle Sam said he wanted me
So Dad sold my “A”
Never said for how much
Maybe he gave it away.

For dependability
Nothing could compare
I would drive that old “A”
Anywhere, everywhere.
Monte L. Manka 03-16-12