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Interview with a Shesh-Amazoni

Story ID:7892
Written by:Lisa Godin (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:Cleveland Ohio USA
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"Ohna! I'm absolutely thrilled you decided to pay another visit with me at my humble home. It was really a surprise when you knocked on my door."

"It is the way of the spirits to guide me to where I am needed, my friend, Lee-sah. It is good to see you after many seasons. You are well?"

"Couldn't be better."

"That is good. The spirits told me on my journey through the hole of light that you have many questions."

"They're for my readers."

"Ah yah! You still tell others of my deeds like many seasons ago you told me about."


"They have many questions?"

"Not at all, but I thought I'd enlighten them just in case they wondered about things."

"It is always good to know things about others."

(we sat)

"Could you tell me little bit about your parents?"

"My mother was Codot. She was tahna of the Amazoni. She was very wise and a great warrior. My father was called E-flet. He was well known for his bead work and he cook good boar stew. My mother bought him with three fine stallions from her herd. They both die of Trader sickness."

"Can you tell me a little bit about how you came to be Amazoni since you're Shesh born?"

(Ohna frowned)

"Always I am asked this!"

"I'm sorry but it's obvious. You're not blond and blue-eyed or white-skinned like Amazoni. I thought you learned not to be ashamed of it."

"I have no shame for what I cannot help, Lee-sah. It bothers me much when all people see of me is being Shesh born."

"I'm sorry. I'll move on--"

"No. You ask a question and I will answer. The Northern Shesh raided our camp. A warrior killed the newborn daughter of Codot. In vengeance she attacked and killed many. I was a baby, she needed a new daughter, I become her daughter. The Amazoni are my people."

"Do you have any children with your mate, Ojah?"

"The spirits decided I have none. I am good with others' young ones so I do not need to own them."

"Own them?"

(Ohna grinned)

"I joke, my friend!"

"I keep forgetting about your humor."

"I joke like all Amazoni. Fighting enemies is good, but I do other things. I take much pleasure in dancing when we have them. For the young ones I carve animals out of wood to play with. I am a mighty hunter and own many horses because, like my friend, Et-esh, I am good at capturing horses."

"Tell me more about your friend, Et-esh."

"I have known her since she was a child. I trained her in warrior ways. She is very good-natured and wise. She is a great horse breaker and in battle, she is a mighty war chief. We are very close."

"How did you meet your friend, Trader Joseph?"

"He came to our camp when I was a child. He was the first Outsider I had ever seen. He gained the trust of Codot through honest trading. I learn to like him. I taught him our ways and language. I learn to understand his ways, and I speak well his words that he taught me. He is a good friend."

(Ohna stands from her floor seat)

"I must go now."

"I never get a long time talking to you!"

"When you put your marks on paper, I speak to you. I notice when I come that you still have the arrow I give to you long ago on top of the picture drawing."

"My painting of you with your horse."

"Yes. It is a good place to keep my arrow. It is a good picture drawing. You describe me well to the one who make it."

"I also have one of Et-esh leading one of her horses."

"You will show this before I leave so I can tell her of it?"

"Of course!"

(Proudly I lead Ohna upstairs to show her the painting of her best friend, war chief, and mighty horse breaker of the Amazoni, Et-esh)