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The Spark

Story ID:7900
Written by:Jesus Yoshio Lopez (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Bakersfield California United States
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I always remember you
Standing by that huge rock,
In school we were
Working on the future,
And when I found you
By that stone
I dreamed our paths would cross
To a future,
Where together we are.
Crazy I must be, I bearly know you,
With time, we will grow together
To jorney in life, and dream
In wishes, prayers.
If you were not ment for me
Then ill let you go, if you are my destiny
My best I will do, to keep that spark in your eyes;
That spark which caught my attention
Tells me how special you are.
I cherished every moment
Even if brief, worthwhile its been
To be the friend you knew at school
Who will always have a place
In his heart,
Like the spark in your eyes
Will always shine bright.