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Uncle Fossill Gets Attacked By A Mountain Lion!

Story ID:7933
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Uncle Fossill related this story to me on a recent visit to Podunk Township up in Podunk County Tennessee.It seems that while walking along one of the numerous mountain trails on a hiking trip one day last week,Uncle Fossill saw what he percieved to be a huge Grizzely Bear with a small Cub meandering along the trail in front of him,to Uncle Fossill it seemed like such a sweet and motherly sight that he watched the two for a minute or two before turning away and continuing his hike up the mountain,he said it was a hard climb and he was sort of winded as he climed higher and higher,when all of a sudden a huge mountain lion leaped upon his back from the thick bushes surrounding the mountain trail,Uncle Fossill says that He fought the large cat as good as he could but that it kept coming at him screeching and growling and swatting at him,it finally got a hold on his neck and he felt that his end had come when all of a sudden a large dark shape emerged from the bushes and grabbed that ole cat by the scruff of the neck and hauled it right off Uncle Fossill and into the bushes with a lot of caterwauling and growling it was that big ole mother grizzely bear that Uncle Fossill had been watching just a few seconds ago!.Uncle Fossill says he only sustained a few scratches and bruises from the encounter and was very flabberghasted that a bear would attack a cougar! Meanwhile the Podunk Township Mayor,who is also the game warden expressed a few doubts as to the truthfullness of Uncle Fossill's story and the Knoxville news is said to be closely following the same story also.
Meanwhile back on the Mountain in a very dark and secret cavern,Sasquatch is admonishing the chupacabra about attacking a human being and both are having a really good laugh at the expression on Uncle Fossills face when the chupacabra jumped out at him from those bushes and about how fast he ran away.
Bob Mitchum :) :)