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April Fool Story…A Day Late..

Story ID:7937
Written by:Charles Dishno (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Dillon Montana USA
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April Fool Story…A Day Late..

About 30 years ago we lived in Clovis, California a suburb of Fresno. We were on 5 acres and had a beautiful navel orange tree in the front yard. This tree was about 15 feet tall and in January would produce huge oranges – tons of them. By the first of April the tree was usually still loaded as we only picked what we could eat and there is nothing like a fresh orange right off the tree.

I had a friend who lived about a mile east of me. He had a similar tree and would brag that his orages were much better than mine. This bragging never let up and soon began to get tiresome.

I had a printing business and one day I got the bright idea to make a rubber stamp that said “SUNKIST”. Late one night a friend and I took a tall A frame ladder and when we figured the braggart had one to bed, we propped the ladder up and stamped all the oranges we could reach with the Sunkist logo. This took over and hour using a flashlight to find as many oranges as we could reach.

Early the next morning, my neighbor came skidding into my driveway, first glancing at my tree then frantically ringing my doorbell. As soon as I opened the door he shoved one of his oranges under my nose and said, “Ha, you thought your oranges were better than mine, but just take a look at what Sunkist did to mine. I think they want to buy the entire tree since they have already stamped them.”

When he walked away, he was in seventh heaven. I didn’t have the heart to hollar after him, “April Fool!” It was several weeks before I got up enough nerve to let him on the joke. He took it all in good stride though but never bragged about his crop again.