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Once upon a Farm

Story ID:7939
Written by:Monte Leon Manka (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Poem
Location:Hemet CA. USA
Person:Chelsea Kansas Kid
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Once upon a Farm

Once upon a Farm

Many, Many years ago
Someone built a brand new barn
That stood beside a country road
On some farmers farm.

She stood there proudly
For lo these many years
Paint has long since faded
A reminder of the last (maybe lost) frontier

When she once sheltered
Hay and grain
Protecting it from the sun
The snow and rain.

She stood there in solemn beauty
Facing the unknown
In silent reverence
Standing all alone

Not being shown appreciation
And needing some tender loving care
Not treated with much compassion
That old barn is still standing there

The Lightening rods
High atop the roof
Showing that she was protected from lightening
Still standing there’s the proof.

Some windows are missing
That small shed is falling down
She still stands erect
Resting firmly on the ground.

If you pass up this country road
And see this grand old barn
Remember all she’s been through
All ragged and worn.

Wouldn’t hurt a bit
To give her a little “Wave”
Maybe toot your horn
To a barn so brave.

She was once a proud barn
On that you can rely
She was an imposing edifice
Showing off to all that passed her by.

Monte L. Manka 04-04-12