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Regarding Gail Martin

Story ID:7940
Written by:Nancy J. Kopp (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:OurEcho Community
Location:El Dorado KS USA
Person:Gail Martin
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Regarding Gail Martin

It is my sad duty to bring you news of our editor, Gail Lee Martin. Gail's husband, Clyde, passed away last night. He was 87 years old.

I don't know any details nor when the funeral will be. I'm assuming it will be in their home area of El Dorado, KS.

Gail works hard at Our Echo. She welcomes and encourages writers who post here, selects stories to put in the Hall of Fame and some for the Editor's Pick section. She spends a great deal of time reading all the posts and comments.

If you would like to leave a message for Gail, you may put a comment on this post. I know she will appreciate hearing from Our Echo readers/writers when she is ready to check the website again.

I pray God's comfort and strength for Gail and her family as they mourn the loss of husband, father and grandfather. May their many happy memories bring a little sunshine into these difficult days.