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Uncle Fossill Has A Nightmare!

Story ID:7944
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Uncle Fossill called me the other day to ask me if I thought that dreams ever came true,I told Him that some times they do and some times they dont.Uncle Fossill then told me that he had experienced the most horrible dream ever imagined by mortal man and that he hoped that the one he had sure didn't come true!I asked My Uncle Fossill what the dream was about and this si what He told Me.
Boy (Uncle Fossill has always called me Boy instead of My given name)I tell yew,hit were tarribull! I drempt thet I had died and thet I was sent to Heaven!Uncle Fossill,I said, dreams of going to Heaven wouldent be considered a Nightmare!
Wal Boy,lemme tell yew how it went afore yew go a tellin me thet I aint had no nightmare!I drempt thet I was outch yonder by thet ole Barn an a huge bolt of lightening came a crashing outta thet sky an struck me! Hit plumb cooked me on the spot,an then I dreamed I woke up a standin at sum big ole pearly gates an ole St.Peter he come outen them gates an tolt me ta come on in thet I had made hit right to the front door of Kingdom Come,an he ushered me into this here room whar they wuz a playing sum music,hit twerent no Angel Choir neither,hit were Disco! Then he put me in this other room and tolt me thet I would be a spending Eternity with them people,I looked at them folks an they was all dressed in suites and ties an they was a playing Canasta an a dranking hot tea an I asked ole Saint Pete if,n he wuz shore thet I wuz in the rite place!He tolt me ta wait a secont an He wood check ta see! I set thar a bit jest a praying thet I wouldent be stuck rite here fer eternity listening to thet horrible music,watchin them folks dressed in suites and ties an a playing canasta when ole Saint Pete came back an tolt me thet thar had been a huge mistake an I wuz to be sent back home fer a spell an next time i showed up thet I better be prepared fer eternity!An tha next thang I knowed I wuz a waking up a side yore Aunt Flossie Mae richeer in Podunk,why I wuz so happy I coulda kissed Ole Flop!
The End? :)
Bob Mitchum
(one man's Heaven is another man's hell.)