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Uncle Fossill Becomes a Hero

Story ID:7958
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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It is and was well known around the township of Podunk Tennesee that Uncle Fossill and Clemmit Alonzo were enemies.They had been mad at each other since they courted my Aunt Flossie Mae,accusing each other of unfair advantages,bad bussiness deals and un gentlemanly conduct in the bussiness of selling moon shine (which both were doing) at any rate it came as a complete surprize when ole Clemmit proclaimed Uncle Fossill a Hero for saving His life!It seems that they happened to be hunting up on the mountain at the same time,but not together,when Uncle Fossill came up on a huge bear that was in the process of mauling old Climmit,It was a growling and a slashing at Clemitt with those huge claws and trying to clamp on his neck with those huge teeth,Uncle Fossill took careful aim with his old musket and killed that big bear with one shot!
The whole town turned out to see Uncle Fossill recieve his life saving medal,the mayor made his usual speech,the sheriff was congratulating Uncle Fossill and the town band was playing "Amazing Grace" and every one was over joyed that the fued between old Clemitt and Uncle Fossill was finally over.The Mayor asked Uncle Fossill to come foreward and say a few words,Uncle Fossill took the Bull Horn,looked at the happy crowd surrounding the podium and spoke loudly in his drawling voice, "Wal,dang hit all,I werent a aming at thet dadburned ole bear!
Bob Mitchum :)