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Uncle Fossill's Cousin Finds A New Dog

Story ID:7982
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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One Day not long ago,Uncle Fossill called me up to tell me that Ole Flop (Ole Flop is Uncle Fossill's Hound Dog)had killed Cousin Bufords little Chihuahua.Now being very familiar with how things are settled up there in Podunk,I was some what concerned fr Uncle Fossill's health and decided to go up there immediatly to make sure nothing bad happened to my Uncle.On arrival in Podunk, found every thing to be in a great up roar over the demise of that little dog.Cousin Buford was claiming that Uncle Fossill had deliberately set Ole Flop to kill Beau (the Chihuahua)Uncle Fossill was claiming that it was all a mistake and guns and knives were sure to ensue if somthing wasn't done quickly.To try and take some heat out of the situation,I suggested a re play of the events leading up to the demise of the smaller dog,Uncle Fossill and Cousin Buford agreed,Cousin Buford brought out the body of the smaller dog and laid it on the ground at my feet,"Cousin Buford,where did you get this animal?I asked.Why I gotten hit frum under muh house whar hit was living! I tried to teach hit to brang me a stick,to sit and all,but all hit ever did was eat!
Well Cousin Buford,I said,I certainly know a Chihuahua when I see one,and this is no Chihuahua!It is by all accounts,I said,just a plain old RAT !! evry one in the assembled crowd had a big laugh and all was well once again in Podunk.
The End
Bob Mitchum :)