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Uncle Fossill And The Annual Podunk Flea Market Sale

Story ID:7990
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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It was time for the Fossill Family to get ready for the Annual Podunk Flea Market and both Uncle Fossill and Aunt Flossie Mae were in a dither trying to figure out what the were going to take to sale there.They discussed taking a few chickens but Ole Cousin Buford had already claimed that product,they discussed taking some baby posums,but Uncle Fossill said that all the possums were too far back in the woods to go fetch them,piglets,calves,horses and puppies were also discussed.It was anticipated that a rather large crowd of flat land tourist would be in attendance and both Aunt Flossie and Uncle Fossill were anxious to have somthing unique to sale to them as the Flea Markey sale was a needed bonus to their income.Finally Uncle Fossill told Aunt Flossie Mae not to worry,He would come up with somthing.Now it being in Tennessee there was a large number of Liquidambar Styraciflua trees growing in and near Uncle Fossill's yard,Uncle Fossill had gotten a great idea and did not want Aunt Flossie Mae to nay say it.
For a week prior to the Flea Market day,Uncle Fossill could be seen picking up the little seed balls associated with this tree,he picked up basket fulls,he bought paint from the harware store in varying colours and he was mysteriously busy in the barn.
On the day of the Market,I noticed that Uncle Fossill's stall was the bussiest,there were crowds of tourist haggling and shouting and money was flashing!Uncle Fossill was shouting to th crowd to be patient because there was enough for every one to get some!
After the Flea Market closed I found Uncle Fossill with a satisfied grin on his face counting out the huge days profits and I asked him what on earth did you have to sell those tourist that was so popular?
Why Boy,I jest wus selling porcupine eggs!
Porcupine eggs? I said wal Boy (Uncle Fossill has always called me Boy) hit twerent nuthin but them thar lil sweet gum tree balls painted up to LOOK like aigs,an them liddle spiney thangs on em jest made hit a natural thet they wuz porcupine eggs!
Anyways,them touristers aint a gonna know no different atall,I jest hope they dont go an try ta hatch them thangs!
Bob Mitchum :)