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Belts Do Break

Story ID:7991
Written by:Michael Timothy Smith (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Caldwell ID USA
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We walked through our local Walmart. It was a pleasant afternoon of grocery shopping
with my wife Ginny. I like to grocery shop. She hates it, but loves it when Im with her.

On this trip, we were almost done. I forgot the bread. She stared at me.

I got the hint. Ill go back and get it.

Ill get the bananas. Catch up to me at the deli. I need to get sandwich meat for our trip
to see the canyon with Seth. (Seth is our oldest grandson)

I walked two rows back and muttered, She had the list in her hand. How did we pass
the bread without grabbing a loaf?

I got the loaf, put it in our cart, rolled down the aisle, turned the corner, felt a pop at my
waist and my pants begin to drop. I looked down. My belt dangled. The metal connector to the
buckle broke.

Ginny stood near the deli. I rolled the cart up behind her with one hand and held my pants
up with the other. Uh, Gin?

She turned to face me, Yes? Im still waiting to order.

I have a slight problem.


Well my belt broke.

Ginny and the lady beside her looked at my waist, my belt dangling down both sides
of my zipper, my hand holding things up and burst out laughing.

The lady beside Gin took her purchase, and still laughing, walked away. I joked, Im
glad I gave you a smile.

No! Thank you for making my day.

I get comfortable with my life and the support of those around me. When that support
breaks, Im left hanging.

We rely on the support of our friends and family. They are there for us, but sometimes,
the belt breaks. We move away. They move away. Were on your own. Be prepared for the
unexpected, because belts do break.

Michael T. Smith