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Story ID:800
Written by:Frederick William Wickert (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Story
Location:unknown Pennsylvania USA
Person:14 year old boy
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By Fred Wickert

In a town or maybe even a city somewhere in Pennsylvania, a fourteen year old boy has just been convicted in a court of law for meowing. Yes, you read it right the first time. It was for meowing. Was his conviction justified? You decide.

The family of the fourteen year old boy had a cat. The cat was of course, a family pet. The cat was allowed to roam the neighborhood. Living next door to this family is a 78 year old woman who has a flower bed she is partial to.

The family cat had a habit of digging holes and doing his business in the flower beds of the woman next door. The woman objected very much to this. She made her objections abundantly clear to the family who owned the cat.

Wanting to keep peace with the neighbors and more specifically with the seventy eight year old woman next door, the family made the decision to take the cat to the animal shelter. This was done more than likely, over the objections of the fourteen year old boy.

One day when going out the front door, the family dog attempted to sneak out and the boy grabbed the dog by the collar. While holding the screen door, the boy was pulling the dog back inside when he noticed the woman next door coming down her front steps.

The boy, harboring a small grudge we suspect, over the family cat having been taken to the shelter, issued a loud “meow,” directed towards the neighbor woman. Taking offense at this, the neighbor woman called the police. She filed a complaint against the boy for “meowing,” at her in a sarcastic manner.

The boy claimed that he only meowed once. The boys mother said he did nothing wrong. The neighbor woman said the boy had been meowing at her for the past three years and she was demanding something be done about it.

The boy was charged with Misdemeanor Harassment. When he appeared in court on the charge, the judge found him guilty, and adjourned the case for ninety days, at which time the case will return to court for sentencing. The judge expressed the hope that before sentencing, both the complainant and the defendant could work out their differences.

Is the boy’s conviction justified? Again I ask – you decide.