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Story ID:8005
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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When My Father was a small Boy growing up in rural Alabama entertainment was a bit different than what we,as modern as we have become,would expect.One of the ways they entertained them selves was by telling ghost stories.This tale was told to me by my Dad a long time ago.
It seems that my Dad had developed a tooth ache but his Mama had doctored it by placing a warm wet cloth on his jaw and it had gone away,late that evening as the family was preparing to go to bed it seems as if the tooth had started hurting again,so His Dad decided that they (He and my Dad) would go to the dentist which was a country doctor and who lived several miles away.They had to walk and since they had gotten a late start in the first place,it was almost dark by the time they reached the doctors house.It took maybe an hour for the old doc to look at the tooth and decide that it needed to be pulled.Afterwards as they were walking home,a dark cloud came up covering the moon and making it even darker,it began to thunder and lighting flashed making brilliant streaks across the night sky as they trudged down the dark dirt country road.Up ahead they saw an old country church and decided to stop and take shelter from the storm thinking that it would not last long,as they neared the darkened church building they noted that the front door of the church was standing wide open.They stood in the dark on the porch of the old church watching the lightening for awhile when Dad happened to look inside toward the front of the church,he saw some one or some thing in white standing in the dark and being illuminated with each flash of lightening,every time the lightning flashed the mysterious figure seemed a bit closer than before,His Dad was gripping his hand tightly and he noticed that the grip had becamea bit harder and harder with each flash of lightening.Finally neither of them could no longer stand the presence of the "Appirition" that seemed to be creeping up on them and decided that they would chance the rain and lightening and go home as quickly as they could get there.
Who or what was in the church that night was only partially explained by one of my grand dads friends who happen to remark one day as he and my dad were passing the same church (in daylight)that he had spent meany a night in that old church when it was raining.The End.
Bob Mitchum :)
well that wasn't much of a ghost story but the way my Dad told it I thought it quiet entertaining as a small boy myself.