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Uncle Fossill Installs A Shower

Story ID:8013
Written by:bobby o'neill mitchum (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Fiction
Location:Phenix City Alabama U.S.A.
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Now My Uncle Fossill lives up in Podunk Tennessee,and He is not overly fond of what we call "modern conveniences"He has had an out house as far back as I can remember,so I was some what over joyed when He called me and informed me that He had installed a shower in his cabin so that he and Aunt Flossie Mae wouldent have to go down to the creek to take a bath.He invited Me up to see his effort so I imediatly got in my truck and drove up there to see the magnificant shower that Uncle Fossill had installed.
Boy!( Uncle Fossill has always called me Boy)said Uncle Fossill this here is tha bestest thang I ever thought of!Looky here at this ole thang!I looked in the back of Uncle Fossills kitchen and saw a beautiful modern shower,all shiney and new,it even had hot and cold faucetts.I turned the handle on one of the faucetts but not a drop of water came out.Uncle Fossill,I said,theres no water!Wal Boy,thas cause I aint put no water in thet ole 50 gallon drum in yonder yet!uh..um..I stammered,50 gallon drum Uncle Fossill?Yeeep He said,I hafta go down yonder to that ole creek with a bucket an tote hit up here till I gets thet ole drum filled,then I hasta go in yonder and fire up thet old wood stove an het that water up then I hasta come in here an take a shower,then I take all the water thets left back down yonder to tha creek.
But Unce Fossill,I said wasn't it easier just to go take a bath in the creek in the first place?I said.Wal yes hit were Boy,said Uncle Fossill,but ima tryin to modernize this ole place a bit.
Bob Mitchum :)